The Healthy Way to Sit on a Toilet

Did you know? The way you usually sit on a toilet is incorrect and can be damaging to your health. Now, we have a solution! Shraf Life helps your body take a crouching position, which is the natural way to empty your bowls easily and effectively.

For those suffering from piles and intestinal movement problems
Ideal for pregnant and post birth women
Recommended for everyone who wants to be healthy
Height boosting accessory for children
Does not take up room and fits every toilet

Why is it important?

For those suffering from piles and intestinal movement problems

Sitting on the toilet in the regular way induces problems caused by too much pressure on the intestines.
Shraf Life enables you to crouch in the natural position for your body.
When you crouch, the natural mechanism that cancels intestinal blockage comes into effect and you can evacuate without exerting pressure and that means you can avoid the damage that accumulates over time.

Ideal for pregnant and post birth women

As the womb develops during pregnancy, it exerts pressure throughout the abdomen and especially on the intestines. That makes bowel movements difficult and causes piles to develop
The crouching position relieves that pressure in the abdomen and helps provide regular, easy bowel movements.

Height booster for children

Shraf Life is also a height booster for children. It allows them to reach the seat by themselves and accelerates toilet training. Young boys can reach the toilet to urinate standing and no longer have to sit on a potty.
Shraf Life also helps small children reach the sink and the mirror by themselves to wash their hands and brush their teeth – Which encourages their independence.

Recommended for those who cherish their health

The crouching position enabled by Shraf Life is the most natural position. Shraf LIfe helps ensure an easier bowel movement and prevents future problems for everyone, at all ages.

How Does it Work?

Crouching is the natural position for a bowel movement.
Existing toilet seats were not designed to allow the crouching position.

How to Use Shraf Life

Sit on the toilet seat*
Pull the Shraf Life forward from its position beneath the toilet
Place your feet on each side of the Shraf Life
Bend your body forward to the correct angle
Take a deep breath, relax and let gravity work for you…

*Recommendation: Lower your clothing to your ankles
** Most Shraf Life users will feel comfortable from the first time they use it, but sometimes, there might be a short adaptation period (depending upon your age and flexibility). It is worth it for your health.

Research has determined that

Crouching is the correct position. Because we will not be ripping out toilets from our bathrooms to fit a luxury squatting toilet; a specially designed stool can do the job

The research results prove that the squatting (crouching) position reduces pressure on the body during bowel movements and ensures better emptying.

Here in the west, we sit down and press the feces out until it exits in an unnatural manner. The sitting position causes people to suffer from piles or a problem of ulcers in the intestines

Starting to Sit Healthily

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