About ShrafLife

Shraf life management team

We, Victoria, Daniel and Michael from Beer-Sheva have united around an idea and are the "Shraf life" Group.

"Shraf life" is a health product developed specifically to relieve us in a place where we all spend at least once a day thus maintaining our health and thus making life easier.

The initiator of the idea is Daniel Shalamaev, a 36-year-old man who is attentive to his body and health, who is very aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and he wants to share his experiences and personal experience with all of us.

Daniel has even registered a patent in Israel (a 06-01 patent type toilet stool number 554532), which he manufactures from wood and sells to customers on special orders.

Victoria Shalamaev, Daniel's wife, a vigorous, strongly focused industrious 30 -year-old who is detail-oriented in operations and idea execution.

Michael is a veteran entrepreneur and businessman from Be'er Sheva. He works in real estate and is the owner of the S.A.B Investment and Development Company Ltd.

Michael and the couple of Shalamaev met under personal circumstances. The idea was presented to him. He believes in the importance and necessity of distributing the idea and the product to the benefit of everyone. He decided to enlist and raise the project through his company Shab Investment and Development Company Ltd.